Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Partner Channel 2.0?

I just read a fantastic post on PCGreenBlog regarding the recent announcement between Reardon Commerce and American Express. This is the way to deliver a set of loosely coupled services is a unified way, and it reminds me of what we are doing at The Partner Channel. This is a collection of individuals and companies that know how to provide a wide array of services to Microsoft Dynamics resellers and ISV's. It's about aggregating a great deal of the services that a reseller might need, but doesn't have the internal bandwidth or expertise to handle. Resellers come to one place, www.thepartnerchannel.com to get...

Assistance with their marketing strategy
Competitive and market intelligence
A newsletter service
Tradeshow/exhibit graphics
Web site design and deployment
Case studies
Event management
Graphic design services
Sales training
Recruitment and applicant tracking services
Print advertising
Public relations
Strategic planning
Video production
Web design
To name just a few...

And there is no reason it should stop there. Someone in the office suggested that if a reseller travels for an event and brings their kids with, we should offer a service that connects them with babysitters or reputable "drop-off" day care centers. Perhaps not a realistic example - screams of all kinds of liability issues....but why not? At least it's the right kind of thinking.

The Partner Channel is much more loosely coupled than what Paul is talking about, but the Reardon/AMEX offering generates a lot of ideas. Looks like I have some reading to do.

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